Wedding Countdown

Congratulations! You’re counting down to the big day, where you and your partner will exchange breathtaking, lifelong vows in front of your friends and family. So to ensure your day is as beautiful as the moment you both say ‘I do’, we have put together a flawless checklist that’ll make the lead up to your wedding as stress-free as it can be.

12 - 9 months before
  • Decide a budget – this will help you to make decisions when booking the things below.
  • Choose your guestlist – make sure you both discuss everyone you’d like to be there for your special day.
  • Set a date – avoid any important dates such as other people’s birthdays, big holidays etc.
  • Book your officiant – choose a person who you would like to lead the ceremony.
  • Decide on church or registrar – pick the a place where you both want to get married.
  • Book a venue for the wedding reception – choose a place in a good location that’ll fit all your friends and family.
  • Book accommodation for the wedding night – decide on a room where you can spend your first night together as a married couple, this is usually at the reception hotel.
  • Reserve your wedding marquees – marquees come in all shapes and sizes, they’re great for setting a romantic atmosphere and offer a great place for pictures, food and dancing.
  • Choose your Maid of Honour, Best Man and Usher – ask them if they’re happy to accept.
  • Send out invites – the earlier you let people know, the more likely everyone who you want to be there, will be there.
9 - 6 months before
  • Choose a florist, photographer and band – book these in advance to ensure you have these important things covered, ready for the day.
  • Choose your colour scheme – this can be reflected in bridesmaid dresses and choices of suits for the groomsmen.
  • Decide on your cake and order it – a large wedding cake takes time to make, so book it well in advance.
  • Choose your caterer decide between sit down meal and buffet – it’s a long day, consider the type of food you would like for the day and go menu tasting.
  • Find a decoration hire company – sort out decor including tables, chairs, etc. and have them organise the rooms for the special day.
  • Sort out your transport for the day/night – have your cars booked so you can get from A to B with ease.
  • Buy wedding dress and accessories – you may want to break in the shoes by wearing them around the house, so they’re comfier on the day.
  • Buy suit and accessories
3 months before
  • Select bridesmaid dresses – your colour scheme may influence the choice of dresses.
  • Select groomswear – match your bridesmaids with a splash of colour from your chosen scheme.
  • Pick out your wedding rings – it’s ideal to ensure you both like your rings and have them fitted properly.
  • Organise the honeymoon – decide on your destination and book your hotel.
  • Write vows – think about what you want to say to your partner.
  • Organise the structure of the service with the vicar/officiant/registrar – get a feel for the ceremony by running through it.
  • Sort out seating arrangement for the family and friends both at the ceremony and wedding reception – avoid the hustle and bustle, organise a seating chart and display it so everyone knows where they’re sitting once inside the ceremony room.
  • Guests travelling from afar – ensure that your guests have places to stay for the night.
  • Purchase wedding favours – chocolates, bubbles, bath bombs, jam, cake pops and paper origami flowers are just a few ideas to get you thinking.
1 month before
  • Final dress fittings
  • Finalise your headcount with the caterers
  • Write place cards
  • Print out the service for friends and family to follow
  • Confirm all arrangements with florists, photographer, hair, makeup etc…
The week before
  • Sort out an overnight bag
  • Have a reading/dress rehearsal
  • Pick up dress/suit
  • Sort all payments for anything outstanding that’s to be paid on the day – give them to a member of the family and label the envelopes, to make the money easy to sort.
  • Confirm times with wedding transport
  • Check the cake is to be delivered on time, to the wedding reception
  • Give emergency numbers to your vendors – give them the number of someone who isn’t you or your partner (as you will be busy), that’ll be there throughout the day to answer these calls, should anyone need to get in contact.
Couple of days before
  • Have a spa day – have your nails done/get a massage.
  • Pack wedding reception decorations and wedding favours – give these to your decor hire company to complete the room.
  • Confirm the small jobs you have assigned to family or friends – i.e. sorting gifts, collecting deliveries and giving the cheques to the right vendors.
Day of the wedding
  • Enjoy the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Don’t miss a single thing when it comes to your wedding day, keep up to date with your plans and have the people you care about most watch you walk down the aisle. Most of all, have the time of your life and make memories that you’ll never forget.

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