Top 8 Wedding Trends in 2020

Tying the knot this year? If you’re searching for modern, creative ways to celebrate your special day, why not get inspired by upcoming trends? 2020 dares to be the most imaginative and innovative year yet for wedding ideas, and there’s still time to bring this inspiration to your own plans. In this article, we’ll be exploring the top wedding trends to fall in love with. 

Eco-friendly weddings 

At the top of our list of 2020 wedding trends is the ‘green wedding’. Protecting our environment has been big news lately, with eco-friendly themes set to influence and inspire many aspects of our lives – and this could include your special day. For those couples who want to do their part, a sustainable wedding is something to consider. This theme can include a vegan menu, eco-friendly cutlery, zero-plastic policy, or perhaps incorporating plant life into your decorations. 

Alternative wedding cakes 

When we think wedding we often think of a spectacular, multi-tiered wedding cake as the venue centrepiece. However, in recent years, couples have been favouring alternatives to this long-time tradition, and this trend is only set to continue. Whether you opt for a giant cookie, a tower of cupcakes, or maybe even a cheese and biscuit table, you can put your own personal (and tasty) spin on things. 


For an elegant wedding venue with all your needs, decorations and layout catered for, marquees are an ever-popular option. It’s common for quality marquee companies to work alongside couples to tailor the marquee to their specifications, giving it a personalised look that really works for the event. From exquisite lighting to stunning tablescapes, the atmosphere of a marquee can elevate the feel of any wedding. Here at Buster Marquees, we provide beautiful venues along with all required furniture, decorations, fixtures and fittings, to keep your guests comfortable and catered for. 

New age elements 

Contemporary spirituality has become increasingly popular in recent years, with interest in crystals, chakra work and energy healing becoming the norm. Some couples are opting to draw on these new age aspects and incorporate them into the wedding, making for a meaningful and personal touch to the day. Everything from energy clearing before the ceremony to rid it of bad vibes, to offering tarot reading as a form of wedding entertainment, could be on the cards (pun intended). You may even wish to incorporate this trend into the ceremony and vows through your choice of officiator. 

Floral statement pieces

Statement flowers have long been a focus of weddings, and 2020 will see further creativity flourish. Why not allow floral ‘clouds’ to hang over your guests at the dinner table, or commission beautiful floral sculptures personal to you and your betrothed? The location of flowers is also set to change up, with ceiling suspensions, walls and other outside-the-box locations being favoured. 

Self-service refreshments

In an increasingly modern world, the drive for convenience is likely to influence wedding trends this year. Buster Marquees ensure that your wedding venue is fully equipped with bar units and tables to ensure total ease for your guests, making sure their every need is catered for. Additionally, self-service fixtures can also cut down on staffing costs to man these stations. 

Individualised finishing touches 

Personalisation is an ever-growing trend in many facets of society, from clothes to technology to events. Weddings are highly personal, emotional events, and therefore the design and structure should reflect this. As we enter the next decade, this trend for personalisation will only become more sought-after. There are many ways to individualise your wedding, whether that’s the choice of music, unique tablescapes, specific foods, or your choice of entertainment. Many venues are happy to work alongside couples to establish what individual touches they want for their wedding, and will work to realise those dreams. 

Creative confetti 

Throwing confetti shows your joy for the married couple, but as we enter the next decade, it may seem like a somewhat outdated practice. Luckily there are ways to revive this long-standing tradition with a more creative approach to the confetti throw. Options include bubble blowing, ribbon wands, and flowers, but feel free to get imaginative. 


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