Benefits of Hiring a Marquee

Anyone who has tried to organise a big event will understand how difficult it can be to find the ideal venue regardless of whether it’s for a commercial event, meeting, party or wedding. So what better solution than to build your event venue from scratch? Hiring a marquee offers a multitude of benefits for countless celebrations; whether it’s formal or informal, a marquee can be perfectly tailored to ensure you are prepared for any occasion. And if you haven’t ever hired a marquee, read up on why it might just be the right choice for you.

Benefits of hiring a marque - Tipi Marquee

Benefits of hiring a marquee vs a traditional venue

  • No guest limit!
    When you hire out a venue that’s made from bricks and mortar, it has a limited capacity. But, with a marquee, you can be much more flexible when it comes to your guests. Even if not everyone RSVPs to your invites but they all turn up, you can guarantee that there will be more than enough room when you choose the right size structure to accommodate for all. Your marquee can be built to perfectly fit the celebration you have in mind, so you will never be stuck for space!


  • Location, location, location
    Your marquee can be built in a beautiful setting, so you needn’t be stuck in a traditional venue that’s now situated between a local chip shop and a club. You can hold your event on a lush farm, your own back garden or on a beach – as your marquee hire company will be able to set the whole structure up for you, you have the luxury to choose your very own location.


  • Design your way with a blank canvas
    The best thing about having an event venue built specifically for you means you have a blank canvas to work with, not to mention, everything will be guaranteed to look fresh, clean and modern. Whereas traditional venues are often dreary, due to limited windows and old, fusty carpets that can take away from the occasion, marquees come with clean, modern flooring and plentiful cleanspan windows (should you wish), allowing you to make the most of the view and enjoy the natural daylight.


  • Easier to budget
    Regardless of whether you have a large budget or not, you will be able to find a marquee within your price range, which means you won’t have to compromise on a lesser venue. You can choose your decorations, caterers, florists etc., with suppliers of your choice or organise it through your marquee hire company – it’s all up to you. You can tailor your hire package to your budget and requirements with ease.


  • Peace and privacy
    In a traditional event venue, chances are, there will be an appearance from uninvited guests who have walked through the wrong door within the building, whereas a marquee provides a unique and private location for you and only those who have been invited, eliminating disruptions.


  • Enjoy the extras
    Marquee hire companies tend to provide a number of extra services, including interiors, exteriors, marquee accessories & marquee decorations. This means you can plan all the vital elements of your celebration in one go, with one company, making the whole process as streamlined as possible. This can be particularly worthwhile if you’re looking for wedding marquee hire as it can make the day much less stressful as you’ll have less people to communicate with when it comes to planning.


Marquees can be dressed up or down, just speak to your marquee hire company for inspiration. Finding the right event spaces is important to ensure a comfortable, affordable and memorable time – so have it your way and opt for a tailored service and a tailored venue.


Guaranteeing you the perfect venue, marquees can be as big, small or unique as you’d like. Clearspan marquees do not have central poles, they’re ideal for large events and the large window side is perfect in pretty locations.

Tipi tents are stunning and come in a range of sizes, their quirky, rustic bohemian vibe tends to attractive weddings and birthday parties.

Traditional marquees provide an elegant venue for all types of occasions, so if you’re not sure, this is a safe choice that’ll still ooze excellence.


  • Logistics
    Traditional venues have toilets, electricity, heating, etc… and so can marquees! Marquee companies will be able to sort out the logistics for you, with toilet facilities, heating, generators, tables and chairs, linings, decorations – everything can be taken care of.


  • Catering is up to you
    Whether you want recommendations or you have a personal choice of chef you’d like to use, your chosen marquee company can be as involved as you like, to ensure your event goes out with a bang!


Benefits of hiring a marquee - Before and After


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