Top 8 Wedding Trends in 2020

flowers and candles on table at wedding

Tying the knot this year? If you’re searching for modern, creative ways to celebrate your special day, why not get inspired by upcoming trends? 2020 dares to be the most imaginative and innovative year yet for wedding ideas, and there’s still time to bring this inspiration to your own plans. In this article, we’ll be […]

Benefits of Hiring a Marquee

Anyone who has tried to organise a big event will understand how difficult it can be to find the ideal venue regardless of whether it’s for a commercial event, meeting, party or wedding. So what better solution than to build your event venue from scratch? Hiring a marquee offers a multitude of benefits for countless […]

Planning Your Wedding Reception

The final stretch of the big day culminates with the wedding reception. Now the real celebration can begin! All your guests can get together for drinks, dancing, food and fun as you draw the night to a close. But before you get that far you’ve got a few more things to think about. Fortunately, we […]

Planning your Wedding Breakfast in Numbers

Planning a wedding might not be the most fun – or simple – job in the world, but once the vows have been made, the cake has been cut and the bouquet thrown, it will all have been worth it (trust us!). Most couples need a helping hand, especially when figuring out the venue and […]